Movies, books, and media can have a significant impact on your journey to sobriety. Although some movies portray stereotypical depictions of alcoholism and alcohol abuse, many films manage to hit the nail on the head when conveying the chaos and pain alcohol addiction can cause in the lives of you, your family, and your friends.

Below we examine some of the most prominent movies that feature alcohol addiction and the impact addiction may have had on the characters’ lives.

5 Powerful Movies About Alcoholism

1. Lost Weekend (1945)

Winning both an Oscar and an award at the Cannes Film Festival, Lost Weekend follows Don (Ray Milland), a writer who struggles with alcoholism, misses his train, and goes on a four-day binge-drinking spree. Don’s character serves as a reminder of the challenges and shortcomings individuals addicted to alcohol experience and the danger of enabling an addict by shielding them from their responsibilities.

2. Days of Wine and Roses (1962)

An alcoholic (Jack Lemmon) marries a young woman (Lee Remick), whom he systematically gets addicted to alcohol so they can share his “passion” together. Their performance in this powerful movie about co-dependence depicts their descent into an alcoholic haze. The film demonstrates just how easily a person can be influenced to start drinking when they are pressured by a loved one.

3. Crazy Heart (2009)

Crazy Heart tells the story of an unrepentant alcoholic, womanizer, country singer, and general wild man, Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges). The movie depicts the power the intervention of family and friends can have on the lives of those struggling with addiction.

4. Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

In Leaving Las Vegas, Ben (Nicolas Cage) loses his family and begins to drink himself to death. He goes to Vegas where he’s taken in and begins a relationship with an escort. This is a story about two desperate people using love as a last resort against their pain.

5. When a Man Loves a Woman (1994)

This movie centers around the family of Alice Green (Meg Ryan), a counselor with a drinking problem. After an accident lands her in rehab, she returns to her husband, Michael (Andy Garcia), an airline pilot, who feels her new-found sobriety has ruined their relationship. The film is a touching depiction of how alcoholism and recovery can affect your marriage in a powerful way.

Other Powerful Movies About Alcoholism

Man with addiction sharing mental health issues with group at meeting, talking to therapist.

  • Flight – Denzel Washington portrays an airline pilot who prevented a fatal plane crash.
  • Smashed – Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays an alcoholic wife who decides to accept her addiction and quit drinking.
  • Barfly – This tells the story of a down-and-out alcoholic writer played by Mickey Rourke.
  • Drunks – Faye Dunaway stars in this movie about alcoholics in various stages of recovery telling their stories at an AA meeting.
  • A Star is Born – Bradley Cooper plays a country singer who battles with alcoholism and addiction throughout the overarching love story.
  • 28 Days – Sandra Bullock portrays a party girl who is forced into rehab after a car accident.

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