“So, how does this all work really?” “How is the One Touch Recovery Center different from other places?” Those are some of the most common questions we have been asked. We know that when it comes to recovery centers in the Southern California area, you have no shortage of options to choose from. Those are just some of the reasons that we do as much as possible to offer patients the best, most effective treatment for their specific needs. 

Personalized Treatment (That’s Actually Personalized) 

At One Touch Recovery Center, our treatments are individually tailored to every patient’s needs. To construct your treatment, first, we have to know about you. That’s why our experienced, professional medical staff takes patients through comprehensive chemical health assessments and mental health evaluations, as each situation warrants. Then, we can devise your treatments from that information. Through this process, you will not receive any “cookie-cutter” treatments so to speak, those that were designed for someone else. Instead, you’ll receive treatment for your needs because it’s based entirely on who you are. 

What “Personalized Treatment” Really Means 

A person struggling with chemical dependency issues or mental health is so much more than just the challenges that they’re facing. To that end, we employ spiritual and cultural therapy, designed to better meet people where they are. Depending on what’s best, you could go through family/parenting counseling, a focus on cultural issues/relationships, stress and anger management, relapse prevention, as well as so many others. Just about everyone will be a part of our individual and group therapy sessions. What’s explored and ultimately discovered in each will be based solely upon the person and their experience. 

Life Skills for Your Life Beyond the One Touch Recovery Center 

The purpose of a facility like ours isn’t just to “get clean” or anything like that. That’s really only the beginning. One of the main goals is to help our patients to develop life skills, the sort of abilities that will serve them long after they’ve left us. Education is, as you might imagine, a major part of that. But, really, it’s woven into so much that we do. For example, in our group sessions, you’ll interact with people who are in a very similar situation to yours. You can learn from them, learn to give and feel support, all while building social and relationship skills. 

Walk-Ins (and Everyone Else) Welcome 

At our recovery center, walk-ins are welcome. You may just decide one day that it’s time to take control of your life, to take active steps towards the life that you want to live. Alternatively, you may have researched facilities all over the area for some period of time and what you learned has led you to us. No matter how you come to us, we’re glad that you’re here. If you’re still undecided about whether or not a facility like ours is the best decision right now for you or someone that you love, we’d be very happy to talk. To continue the conversation: (909) 351-4480. 

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One Touch Recovery © 2023 All rights reserved.
One Touch Recovery © 2023 All rights reserved.
One Touch Recovery © 2023 All rights reserved.